Dealing With Writers Block

This is what I like to call a scramble story. Written with Dragon Voice Recognition Program..

I started wtiting Johnny Dork Fish then turned the TV up had a conversation with people in the house and threw in random sea words while I was talking to them.  Ill put the old text in (parentheses) and words I added in CAPS so you can see how I changed it.  (Im still in the process of editing)

  Johnnie Dope Fish woke up on the wrong side of the seabed this morning. He was extremely tired because he had spent all day yesterday trying to help Decoda Dork Fish move her shells into her new place next to the coral cavern.

There were SO many (students) shells (you can) TO grab the single thing against the singer in the make up stories for you was a yell sometimes it gets one in my mind to what will you call that a net in the group who think they needed a year in the group are in a manager Ray is about the lack of figure out to get it right EB on collecting the economy resilient story about some damn toward the vision of Johnnie dope Fish and go to dork Fish is a ninja star fish out of all seahorse will bad thing is an evil talk

TV in the background as they pay another who held voices at the plate going to go bowling that's how this is grew old blue October to go to dork Fish big collecting sea shells undergo up to renewal yet been avoided if the immunity bid when he did get finished to go to dork Fish in the face tip guy said Deb E. dipped his finger into the well and there was a grouper and abductee seemingly silly asteroid than enough in the ponds anyway now so if you pull your fan then in the fish have been upper well I'll let what do I set this microphone he was on the background